Dark [Beta 1] Help Command Updates and Some Content “Smoothing”

Changelog  (26-Sep-2019)

Added the save/load-related info to help. Reorganized help a bit to make it more readable, and placed the pertinent information (about saving/loading and such) near the bottom.

Updated the brown obelisk functionality within vendor row to make it more clear. Better/clearer options presented and more descriptions of outcomes, and hist/suggestion for trading.

Minor additional clean-up of entire codebase. Refactoring; bug-smash session; efficiencies; better intelligence. Corrected some additional issues with damage reduction during multiple-adversary fights, and fixed a problem with using grass on non-random mintzelle. (Properly exiting now without displaying artificially high NPC HP on disengage.)

Development of side-content and end-game enhancements are on-going.

Play-through – at least early-to-mid-game so far – has been stable and as-anticipated.

Please document and report any bugs or other odd behaviors that you might encounter.
…and enjoy the game!

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