Dark [Beta 4, RC2] is here!

Changelog (2-May-2020)

Content Additions and Corrections

  • Endgame tweaks and additions.
  • Adjusted power/balance at stops for better playability.
  • Additional, general clean-up.

Technical, Functional, and Overall Gameplay Improvements

  • Moved codebase to Beta 4 phase. This as our second release candidate for public
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Dark [Beta 3, RC1] is here!

Changelog  (31-Mar-2020)

Content Additions and Corrections

  • Added hidden minigames and secret achievements with special, “undocumented” rewards.
  • Scroll: Curse of the God-Enders (and another secret item) were added as special rewards.
    Thanks Brian and Tonya for the ‘God-Enders’ concept! (Brian was
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