Dark [Beta 3, RC1] is here!

Changelog  (31-Mar-2020)

Content Additions and Corrections

  • Added hidden minigames and secret achievements with special, “undocumented” rewards.
  • Scroll: Curse of the God-Enders (and another secret item) were added as special rewards.
    Thanks Brian and Tonya for the ‘God-Enders’ concept! (Brian was the first winner of the hidden VIRUS CONTAINMENT MINIGAME at the LIVE Beta Party in early Feb. of ’20 and earned the right to name an item.)
  • Wording clean-ups and some story-line rewrites to tie more things together throughout the overall adventure, and to tell a more compelling tale, while still having a high level of excitement and purpose throughout one’s Dark experience.

Technical, Functional, and Overall Gameplay Improvements

  • Moved codebase to Beta 3 phase, and now touting this as our first official “Release Candidate” for public consumption.
  • Alpha-sorted Inventory display.
  • The “place” keyword (and a few others) now handled properly when using “things” (items and objects) within the game world.
  • Better reporting from various other keywords (even in case of failed attempts at commands) for common words such as: “loot”.
    And many more enhancements coming in this area over time.
  • FINALLY fixed the [long-standing-and-painful] Apple display problems with fonts displaying badly when fixed-width characters are required to display maps and other text-drawings properly.
    UX issues fixed. Gamplay on both Mac or PC now looks and operates exactly the same!
  • Added “charges” (multiple uses) to Healing Gel as well as some other special items.
    No “charges” in Hard Mode, though! <evil-laugh>Mwahahaha</evil-laugh>)

Virtual group-play / online-final-beta-pre-release-party is coming up!!!

In-person beta-test sessions are now all off-the-table due to COVID-19. Online sessions are a go, however, and we have big plans for group-play features in the very near future. Version 1, our first public release of Dark, is right around the corner!

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