Dark [Beta 4, RC2] is here!

Changelog (2-May-2020)

Content Additions and Corrections

  • Endgame tweaks and additions.
  • Adjusted power/balance at stops for better playability.
  • Additional, general clean-up.

Technical, Functional, and Overall Gameplay Improvements

  • Moved codebase to Beta 4 phase. This as our second release candidate for public [though technically, we are still in private beta] consumption.
  • Language enhancements in response to further investigation by players on some mundane terms used in area descriptions that players may want to use in commands.
    Example: ‘go up the stairs’, ‘use stairs’, ‘climb up the spiral staircase’, etc. will now function as expected along with just ‘up’, ‘go up’, or similar.

Dark v.99 [Public BETA] with group-play is just around the corner!!!

We have many group-play features in the works and hope to start releasing some of them to beta groups soon. We will have many additional and exciting group-play (“multi-player variant”) features available for Version 1, but in the meantime, our first public beta release of Dark (single player) is right around the corner!

Oh, and don’t worry – your saved games will be fully compatible with any new group-play features as they become available in new releases of Dark!

Note: In-person beta-test sessions are now all off-the-table due to COVID-19. Online beta sessions are still a-go, of course!

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