Dark [Beta 2] So much to do, so little time, so close to release…

Changelog  (4-Jan-2020)

Tons of Features and Content Added

  • Significant end-game expansion and more thoroughly developed overall story-line.
  • Lots of new items and abilities throughout!
  • “Puzzle Levels” and more side-quests.
  • Hard Mode.
    Game-wide, plus some challenge-specific increases in difficulty,
  • Dice Mode!
    Shows your dice rolls during combat. (Must be turned-on by player; off by default.)
  • Way better reporting on lots of actions.
    Responses are ALWAYS continuing to be enhanced…

Stabilize for Release Consideration

  • Codebase is approaching Beta 3, and is very much so “critical bug”-free at this point!
  • While some preference-issues remain (such as our endless effort to improve language interactions) the core engine is stable, the game is VERY playable, and the “loops are all closed / threads trimmed”.
    Meaning that  just about everything from the original content and critical-features-list has been addressed.
  • New features now tend to easily plug into the existing core framework and are being added regularly.

Group-play / beta-party up-coming!!!

In-person session to be held in central PA early Feb. of ’20. Test, observe, feedback, assist each other; on-the-fly enhancements and any bug fixes will be real-time as devs will be present and available to respond immediately.

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