The Three Forests - Enter Dark
The Three Forests - Enter Dark

Welcome to the Players Guide for Enter Dark!

This guide is being developed to help players of Enter Dark better navigate the intricacies of this universe and increase enjoyment and ease of game-play. I've attempted to do so here without unwittingly spoiling too many of the surprises. The intent is give you some guidance, and to enhance your enjoyment of this adventure, while maintaining a level of ambiguity and secrecy regarding the details and potential encounters located within the game world.

SPOILER ALERT!!!---> Combined with the forest position locator, the above map of The Three Forests should provide you with much of what is needed to successfully navigate the various forests and connected areas. The item 'Forest Position Locator' can be acquired on the third floor of The White Tower by using the blue obelisk. Try commands like 'USE THE BLUE ENERGY PORT', or just 'USE OBELISK' when you are in the same location as the blue obelisk.

I hope you find that for which you came...
...and certainly hope you enjoy the game!

Here's to good adventuring,

-Wooden Spoon
Proprietor of Enter Dark
(Wooden_Spoon_Is_Here in the forums.)

Table of Contents

March 31, 2021 Update
This guide is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION. We will be updating this website, including additions to this guide, periodically over the course of the next few months.

> The Keep House

> The White Tower

> The Forest
See also: Hints, Tricks, and Solutions (SPOILERS!)

> Deep Forest

> S. Deep Forest