Enter Dark v.99 – Public Beta is here!

Changelog (2-Feb-2021)

General Updates

  • We have officially changed the name of the product to Enter Dark!
  • Basic Group Play functionality added.
    -Try the Help command in-game for Group Play-related commands.
  • Assist and Heal features added for Group Play.
  • Extensive core play-testing.

A Few Technical Details

Moved codebase to Beta 5 phase. This as our final release candidate for public consumption prior to official v1.0 release.

We are still working out exactly how we want to handle client identities. Current iteration maintains a Client ID per game slot. Instead, we are looking to use a single Client ID across all game slots per device/browser-cache. (And that way, players can share downloaded Enter Dark Saved Game Files with other players and such without compromising their personal Enter Dark Client IDs.)

The official name change from ‘Dark’ to ‘Enter Dark’ was necessary for several reasons including available domains, SEO considerations, and overall brand recognition. Plus, a plethora of other concerns influenced the change. (In the end, it’s just better this way.)

Overall, the new Group Play feature is still pretty sketchy and not super-useful at this point in time. Working on some big things to make Group Play – particularly Assist and Heal – MUCH better in the near future…

NOTE: Minor feature and content enhancements will continue through final v1.0 release. Beta 5 (v.99 – Public Beta) is NOT a locked release by any means!

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