Dark [Beta 1] Updated!

Changelog  (23-Sep-2019)

Dark saved games now save to the browser cache, so you can use the following commands freely, and your saved games will persist between browser sessions:

Save 1
Save 2
Save 3
Save 4
Load 1
Load 2
Load 3
Load 4

Just remember to save your game before you close your browser or shutdown, and don’t clear your cache! To make an archive of all saved game slots (for backup and restore on another system, or if local cache files are lost, use the following commands:

download save file
(or just dlsf for short) to create a downloadable archive of all save files

upload save file
(or just ulsf for short) to upload a previously downloaded archive and restore all saved games. (You will need to choose the archive file from your computer.)

On-going development: Adding minor game content casually at this time, mostly end-game-related, with plans to include several new hidden “side challenges” throughout for the player that really likes to get into every nook-and-cranny of the Dark adventuring world! (Note that the game’s features and functionality are mostly locked-down at this time, and most bugs have been squashed in alpha. We certainly want to hear about any gameplay issues you might experience or bugs that you might discover while playing the beta. We are committed to applying rapid, yet stable, fixes to address any reported problems as quickly as possible.)

Current focus: Working on balancing various combat difficulties throughout based on various factors, including beta player feedback, so get to playing the beta now and let us know what you experience!

You can play the beta here, but you must be logged-in first to access it.

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